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TERMS: 1. It is the homeowners responsibility to provide sink, stove and faucet information at the time the template is made, and to make sure the selected sink fits into the sink cabinet base which can be determined by our templator if the sink is onsite at template time. 2. If countertop removal is not provided by Osmany's Granite & Stone, removal of existing countertops and/or flooring, along with any electrical  and plumbing work, is the responsibility of the Owner. This also includes leveling and repair if necessary of cabinet bases following old countertop removal. 3. Osmany's Granite & Stone cannot, by law, reconnect plumbing as we are not licensed plumbers. However, we can coordinate any plumbing work that is needed through. We request that plumbing be disconnected prior to our arrival for either template or install. However, if requested, we can attempt to disconnect plumbing with acknowledgement by the Owner that we cannot be held responsible for any water damage or other issues related to a failed disconnect "again, we are not licensed plumbers but can coordinate plumbing or other work as part of any project". 4. If any changes are made to the original contract such as material, edge profile, backsplash height, etc. our staff must authorize the changes. Please understand that once fabrication has begun it is not possible to "undo" an edge profile, "undrill a hole", move a hole location or dimensional cut, etc. 5. Osmany's Granite & Stone will attach a dishwasher to the granite if it is in place at the time of install. If it is not, we are not responsible for mounting the dishwasher at a later time. 6. Natural stone is a product of nature and it is therefore impossible to guarantee uniformity of color, veining or any other characteristics. This does not affect the quality of the product in any manner. Every effort is made to make contiguous sections of veined stone as aesthetically pleasing as possible, but due to material constraints and physical slab size, veining may not always run in the same direction. Please ask us about participating in template layout and selection of which area of a slab you prefer to use, and we will discuss seam placement, etc. to make sure there are no surprises at installation time. 7. After installation, cracks in seams can occur. This is usually caused by settling in cabinets, floors or the foundation. If the breakage is due to poor installation, Osmany's Granite & Stone will repair at no cost to the Owner with 90 days of installation. After 90 days, such repairs are the responsibility of the Owner. 8. Owner or Owner's Representative must be present during the installation process. Owner's Representative must be authorized to make any decisions that may be required at installation. 9. Please contact us with any questions or concerns during the entire process. We believe that unfront, honest, and accurate information flowing in both directions "you to us and us to you" is the only way to avoid misunderstandings, and to ensure that a quality countertop project is completed to your satisfaction without any surprises or unexpected post-install work.


Friday 6th April 2012

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